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The Perfect Cake for You

October 20, 2015

Cutting into your wedding cake is one of the many precious moments that make up your wedding. The cake you choose is likely be the star of many of photos as well, so its important it represents you. The cake cutting photo is always adorable, so make it personal to you as a couple! This fall we are looking at some amazing cake trends that are mouth watering and breathtaking all at once! We love them and we’re sure you will too.

Cakes with colorful fall foliage or with or sugar replicas of your bouquet flowers

fall wedding cake               fall-wedding-cake-alisha+brook-photography-real-blooms-silk-butterflies

For a taste of France, maybe you’ll go for a croquembouche wedding cake. A Croquembouche is a golden tower of perfection made from cream puffs held together with caramel and adorned with glistening spun sugar.

wedding cake trends                               gay-wedding-planning-croquembouche-wedding-cake-macarons

For some rustic charm, you might like a nude or un-frosted cake. The beauty in these creations is in the details. The layering and texture in the frosting is left exposed to be appreciated.

un iced cake           fall-wedding-cakes-natalie-bell-photography

For an added personal touch, You can have a cake topper of your choice. Here at the Salon, we have cake toppers customized with your initials, a charming Mr. and Mrs piece or even a couple of hearts. The pieces are very sweet worked in with some flowers making it a moment you will never forget. We’d be happy to hear your plans for your wedding cake!

DSC_0064                   DSC_0065

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