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Beach Wedding: Birdcage veil or Traditional Veil

April 20, 2015

Now that the summer is coming, we have plenty of brides getting married on the beach. A beach wedding is absolutely beautiful but the wind can have a factor on what you wear. That’s why we have many brides ask the question should I wear a veil on my wedding day? I think it is important to wear a veil as it is one of the components that makes a wedding and it is the only day you will ever get to wear one! If you are a bride at the beach, I have two different alternatives for you! You could wear either a birdcage veil or a traditional veil. A birdcage is a fun, non-traditional route as it is simply a small piece of tool that frames the face. A traditional veil is also gorgeous for a beach wedding! The cathedral length is long but classic; just imagine having the veil blow in the wind with the train of your dress. If you are looking for something more in between, try a finger tip length veil. You can custom add lace, embroidery, crystals or pearls to make the veil more unique! Whether its a birdcage or traditional veil, stop by today so we can help create your special look together!

bride birdcage 2

Birdcage veil


Birdcage veil with flowers- Style 6061354628

Birdcage veil with feathers- Style 54628
brides at the beach 4

Cathedral lace veil

54936 - MANTILLA

 Cathedral lace mantilla veil- style 54936

bride at beach

Raw edge, floor length veil

42825-emailScattered crystal floor length veil- style 42825
bride at beach 2

Lace fingertip veil


Lace applique veil- style 60482

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