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Starry Night Wedding Inspiration

February 24, 2015

Most weddings usually start earlier in the day and finish by evening, but how about one that begins when night falls? Moonlit weddings can be extremely romantic; there’s just something about dancing under the stars that makes us swoon.  A  starry night theme is breathtaking for a spring/summer wedding. It creates a new atomsphere and adds unique scenery to your special day. Using hues of deep blues, warm golds, silvers and pale blues, you can create a stunning color pallet.  There are so many ways to create this look for your wedding, for example, star decor, moon inspired lights that hang on the ceilings or blue dim rotation lights to enhance the nightfall feel. You can hang shining, glittering stars from the ceiling, wrap your napkins with jeweled and metallic star rings, cover the tables with rich blue linens or drape them about the room. Scroll down and take a look at some inspiration for your starry night wedding!

    night night 4

night night 6

night night 9

night night 77

night night

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