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The 411 on veils

December 18, 2014

I have been working in the wedding industry for over 20 years. This is probably one of the top ten questions when choosing a veil to match the dress. Let’s talk about lengths and how to fasten a veil comb into the hair. I have seen many  hair dressers flip a comb backwards to put a comb in. Thanks to BHLDN we have 2 perfect sketches. You will have the lingo to shop and the know how to style the perfect dress. Remember that even though you may be only wearing the veil for a short time. You will have over 100 pictures of the dress and veil. So it matters where the veil hits o the dress. We want to create the most flattering line possible. The veil can be dramatic or subtle that’s up to you. Veil lengths. birdcage  veils are usually 9-12″, Blusher’s 26-30″ depending on your height. Flyaway 22″, Fingertip 36-40″ Waltz 60″ chapel 75-95″ cathedral 108″ and finally royal length 120-144″ long.

It’s important when placing the comb in the head you start with the u part facing the back of the head. Point it slightly to the ceiling to grab some hair. Then point the teeth back down so the u part is sitting snug on the back of the head. (see picture). I hope this helps you helps when  you are veil shopping.




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