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Winter Theme Bridal Shower

December 16, 2014

 The winter chill and snow filled clouds is great to go skiing, sledging or making snowman with your love ones.  A winter theme bridal shower can also be great idea to have, if that is your favorite season. Here are some of our favorite ideas for the ultimate winter bridal shower. Incorporate your favorite colors like pink, or blue to your winter theme idea to add some bold colors. Hang Snowflakes ornaments , little pine trees or Christmas decoration to the ceiling to give it winter feel . Try sliver sparkly fabric and use it for a table-cloth or create a fun table runner. Use fake snow and decorate your glasses, bottles and candles to give it a cold and frosted look. Fill a bowl with white cover chocolate pretzels or frosted cake pops and have a white cocktails with salt around the ring of the cup to make it look like snowflakes. Take a look at some of my favorite inspiration for a winter theme bridal shower.

winter theme bridal shower 111

winter theme bridal shower 9

winter flowers 55

winter theme bridal shower 4

winter theme bridal shower 6

winter theme bridal shower 7

winter theme bridal shower

winter theme bridal shower 3

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