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Floral Winter Arrangement

December 9, 2014

Winter floral decoration can give you such a sweet feelings, a look of elegance, romance, glamour; which can make your wedding such a memorable day. Your choice of  wedding flower arrangements can make your winter wedding very romantic, and fancy as well. Selecting different types or colors of flowers will bring a different and unique feeling to your special day.  A display of red flowers at wedding will imprint a very romantic feeling; when deep purples can give you regal effect. You can also use rustic or natural colors to have an authentic winter atmosphere, and white colors for a dreamy look and feel. Adding some none floral touches to your flower arrangement can bring a unique effect to your wedding theme, such as: ivy, holly, pinecones, lemon leaves. You don’t have to spend a fortune for a breathtaking wedding decoration arrangement for your special day.  White baby’s breath is not so costly and gives you a larger visual effect.

Arrangement of white flowers for wedding have been always ruled the theme of winter wedding. Many stylish brides and grooms also choose a soft antique white effect such as flowers in cream, ivories and even a very pale blush tint. As for this effect you can use a combination of tulips, white Amaryllis, calla lilies, orchids and anemones. These combinations of flowers for your wedding arrangement will give you a very elegant and romantic look.

For December and February wedding, red flowers have been very popular as wedding arrangements. Red floral arrangements for wedding gives a lavishly romantic feeling.

Beyond these, there are so many ideas and options for winter wedding flower’s arrangement. Plan your special day with fun, romantic decoration of flowers that will compliment the chilly season.






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