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Fabric Strips Wedding Decoration

November 4, 2014

Fabric Strips are a great wedding decoration and a great way to express who you are on your special day. This can be a DIY project or something you can buy at your local fabric store. For brides that are on a budget this is another great way to use this decoration. You can use any color, pattern or any material you like. You can wrap fabric around your bouquet or make a bouquet with different color fabric strip and material to make it your own. You could make a pretty fabric strips to be hung from the rafters, lay strips of fabric onto the floor to make your aisle or even decorate your drinks by tying fabrics to the cups or glass bottles. Another great idea is to decorate your chairs, you can make a simple loop onto the chair and tie it in a knot or bow. The fabric strips can be braided and then draped from the back of chairs. It can be hung in the backdrop for the ceremony. A fabric table drop will look fun and festive or use string lights to create a romantic feel. Fabric strips decoration can be your own personal taste and creates a great memory for you a your love ones. Take a look at some fabric strip wedding ideas.


fabric strips



fabric strip 5

fabric strip 13

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