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Weddings in Cabo

August 26, 2014

Almost everyone dreams of vacationing in the tropics. With its lush scenery, warm climate, crystal-clear water, and relaxed atmosphere,  a tropical paradise like Cabo San Lucas in Mexico is the perfect place to honeymoon after the stress of planning a wedding. But why not take your relaxation a step further, and turn your honeymoon spot into the main event! Cabo is ideal place for a beautiful destination wedding. With a handful of rainy days, the weather is almost always on your side, and the tropical paradise makes everyone feel like their on vacation. (Plus, those sunsets make an unbelievable backdrop for wedding pictures.)

95a54304be3c54fb30acff94721479c0                                                                                                                                                       Image Via Pinterest

5e4161b8151bb9105586c124678c88b5Image Via Junebug Weddings

f17d096f09b1968883503ddedc786f19Image Via Project Wedding

185517c9eca2731033b856bfa9e082c8Image Via Signature Mexico

93396c038910776e4158aaf4aaac8a2aImage Via Where in the World is France

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