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Just Married Signs

July 29, 2014

One of the many events in your life that can create unforgettable memories is your wedding. Why not let everyone know it’s your special day with a “Just Married” sign. It’s such a whimsical and timeless tradition. However, you can recycle that wedding tradition into something more unique. Add your personal touch, have fun and be stylish too.

Gone are the days of spray painting or putting whipped cream on the back window of a car, or riding down the streets with old cans and a sign saying “Just married.”

If the sign is done to co-ordinate with your wedding theme you could even hang it up at the reception so you get more time to enjoy it. These days it is a wedding reception staple. Your “Just Married” sign will be a great prop to use for your wedding photos and will give a pop of color and texture to your wedding décor. So get creative.

Be inspired by some of the creative ways couples have shown off their newly married status below. Will you be using a ‘Just Married’ sign on your special day?

just married_google2via Google

just married_google5via Google

just married_google3

via Google

just married_google4

via Google

just married_google1

via Google

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