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Sunflower Themed Weddings

July 24, 2014

Sunflowers bring a bright and cheery feeling to any event with its brilliant yellow petals that surround the flowers center resembling the sun. Sunflowers are symbolic of good luck, wealth, happiness, strength, and ambition. Their meanings include loyalty and longevity. The perfect meanings for a wedding flower. This has made them a passionate flower choice for many.

Sunflowers are perfect whether you are having a summer or fall wedding. Its big blooms always look gorgeous. They can really make a wedding pop with color. A sunflower wedding theme can have many appearances: garden, elegant, whimsical, classy, country, rustic, sexy, bold, and more.

Whether you use them in your bouquet, in your centerpieces or as inspiration for your overall wedding décor, sunflowers are sure to bring a little sunshine to your event.  We suggest keeping the sunflower a graceful part of your theme for the wedding, representing a sophisticated couple.

Sunflower wedding themes can be really simple to pull together since they add their own beauty to your wedding. Below there is a variety of ways you can incorporate Sunflowers on your wedding day.

sunflowertheme_pinterest2via Pinterest

via Pinterest

sunflowertheme_pinterest3via Pinterest

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via Google

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