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Trellis Patterns

June 26, 2014

Brides are not solely choosing between color schemes any more in order to add an extra element of sophistication and style to their wedding, the modern-day bride is incorporating patterns.

Inspired by home décor the Trellis pattern is making its mark in many weddings this year. The Trellis pattern is a modern application of an antique shape, which uses clean lines to create a polished design. Trellis patterns feature a design of interlacing stripes that form a network. A popular Trellis pattern is the Greek Key, which consists of a repeated motif of a meandering continuous line in two contrasting colors.

The trellis pattern can be added to your wedding décor, stationery and cake.  If you want your wedding décor to make a bold statement, try introducing this trendy pattern inspiration into your wedding design.  These prints add an interesting style and allure to any wedding theme. They are fun to mix and match and can give your scheme just the appeal it needs. The color and intrigue of these vintage inspired patterns will pop and stand out. Don’t be afraid to try patterns like this to add just the touch of whimsy your wedding needs. You can do it in a monochromatic palette or incorporate multiple colors and patterns while adhering to a similar tonal statement. It’s your big day, so have fun with it!

trellis pattern 4_pinterest
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trellis pattern 3_google

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trellis pattern 2_pinterest

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trellis pattern 6_pinterest

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trellis pattern 1_pinterest

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