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Jenny Packham 2014 Collection

June 10, 2014

Jenny Packham bridal gowns have always been known to be romantic, soft and beautiful, but the 2014 collection is inspired by beauty itself! This collection encapsulates the Belle Epoque or “beautiful era” of the early 20th Century. The fashions of Belle Epoque abandoned the restrictive corsets and crinoline of the past, and favored the loose and flowing silhouettes that we see in this collection. The intricate beading and delicate embellishments also add to this timeless style. Each beautiful gown in Jenny Packham’s latest collection has a distinctly European essence that’s relaxed and romantic, while also being unequivocally breathtaking. Any bride is sure to be a belle in one of these dresses.

01. Florence

Florence by Jenny Packham

20. Lina

Lina by Jenny Packham

23. Lucy

Lucy by Jenny Packham

26. Alexia

Alexia by Jenny Packham

03. Amour


Amour by Jenny Packham

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