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Photo Booth Wedding Ideas

April 22, 2014

Have you ever thought of doing a photo booth on your wedding day? It’s a great way to get people up and mingling during the reception. If you’re planning on doing a photo booth at your wedding, think about the style of your wedding or perhaps incorporate something that you love into the booth. DIY photo booths at a wedding serve as a great form of entertainment for the wedding guests, and the photos taken can also become a part of your wedding favors. You can purchase yards of fabric in a variety of colors and textures for guests to customize into their photo backdrop. Hire an amateur photographer, or a student photographer to run the photo booth with an assistant on hand to load and print the pictures in minutes for the guests. How about using fun props like silly mustaches, funky hats, and feather boas. You can also rent a photo booth any where for a great affordable price if you are not a DIY bride. Take a look at some amazing wedding photo booth ideas below to help inspire you for your wedding day.

photo booth 4
Via Pinterest

photo booth 10
Via Pinterest

photo booth 11
Via Pinterest

photo booth
Via Pinterest




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