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Wedding Keepsakes

February 20, 2014

Wedding Keepsakes are not a thing of the past, couples today are coming up with unique ways to preserve their special days. One of the more popular ideas is drying your bridal bouquet and placing it in a Christmas Ornament that you can enjoy year after year. Another ornament idea, is cutting up your written vows and placing them in a glass ball. A new idea that we have been hearing about is preserving your wedding gown in a shadow box, and placing it somewhere special in the home for all to admire. There are many creative ways to ensure that your special day will not soon be forgotten. We would love to hear what you have done with some of your keepsakes.
wedding-keepsake-ideasWedding Keepsakes: Engraved Dinner Forks, Dried Bouquet in a Christmas Ornament

box13Wedding Keepsake: Preserve Wedding Bouquet in Shadow Box

IMG_9569Wedding Keepsake: Wedding Vow Cut Up and Put In Ornament

tradition-2-tradit_pg_enlargeWedding Keepsake: Wedding Dress in a Shadow Box

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