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Elizabeth Bower Bridesmaids Collection

January 24, 2014

We are thrilled to debut our Elizabeth Bower Bridesmaids Collection. All of these earrings are made of Crystal and Resin stones on a beautiful plating. This collection has a little something for everyone, from studs to drop earrings. What’s great about these pieces is that they come in a range of colors including, cream, rose, coral, mint, periwinkle, and dove. These would make perfect bridesmaids gifts, especially since they are something anyone could wear again.

DSC_0011Style #59488 (Color: PERI)

DSC_0012Style #59488 (Color: DOVE)

DSC_0014Style #59490 (Color: CREAM)

DSC_0015Style #59490 (Color: DOVE)

DSC_0016Style #59489 (Color: ROSE)

DSC_0017Style #59489 (Color: CORAL)

DSC_0018Style #59489 (Color: PERI)

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