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African Wedding’s

December 26, 2013

As a continent, African society is a mixture of culturally diverse traditions and rituals. African weddings are known to be a family affair. Marriages in Africa are strongly dictated by religious influences. Many Northern African marriages are decided by their Muslim faith, while other regions follow the traditions set by their ethnic religion. Bright festive colors, song, dance, and music are the necessary elements of many African wedding ceremonies. Wedding ceremonies can be extremely elaborate and usually last for days. African weddings have an unique style of bridal gowns; they’re bridal gowns are full of bold bright colors. Family members are usually the ones that create the wedding dresses of the brides dreams. Both families design the bridal gown; pick out the caftan, color and a stunning head wrap. A caftan is a pull-over woman’s robe that can be  made in silk, wool, cashmere, and cotton; it may be worn with a sash. African marriages celebrate both families coming to together and celebrating their heritage. Check out a few great African Wedding ceremonies and traditional photos.



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