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Wedding Cake Embellishments

December 24, 2013

Gone are the days of traditional wedding cakes with only fondant flowers. Today most brides are looking for the best embellishments to really make their cake more of a statement piece than just a dessert. There are many ways to jazz up a wedding cake, but we have had the most requests for brooches, trims, and ribbons. You can be as unique as you want, mixing and matching colors, patterns and ideas. Below are some examples of our most requested items, plus a few extras to get your creativity in motion. Tell us how you plan to decorate your wedding cake.

new cake 1Brooches


Style #39380


Crystal Blanket

03602-00Rhinestone Blanket- Comes in up to 24 rows! Style #03602

Pink-Ribbon-Wedding-Cake-600x900Satin Ribbon


Double Faced Silk Satin Ribbon: (Tip) pick a ribbon a shade light for fondant cakes, the fondant turns the ribbon a darker color.

jim-smeals-wedding-cake-1Jute (Burlap)

39853-DARKJute #39853

Calla-Lily-and-Pearl-Embellished-Purple-Wedding-CakePearl Accents

49389-wt_1Pearls by the Pack #49389

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