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Cozy Honeymoons

December 14, 2013

Not all honeymoons have to be full of Adventure or Romance, something off the beaten path is perfectly acceptable for your first vacation as a married couple. Honeymoons should be full of rest and relaxation, especially after all the stress of planning your wedding. Why not explore all there is to offer in Keystone, Colorado, and then enjoy a nice cup of hot cider by the fire in your own log cabin. Cozy up in a porch swing at a bed and breakfast after you have had a nice day of picking pumpkins, strawberries, or visiting the local shops. Spend the day strolling through a Napa Valley vineyard, and then enjoy an evening of the finest wine and cheese. For some extra coziness try an Alaskan Cruise, where you can whale watch from your room balcony while wrapped up in a warm blanket sipping hot chocolate. Whatever type of honeymoon you may choose, don’t forget the little moments together. This should be a time of reflection on the life you two are about to embark on together.

cabinLog Cabin

very-nice-lookingBed and Breakfast

Vineyard SunsetNapa Valley

princess-cruises-AlaskaAlaskan Cruise

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