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Elizabeth Fillmore Bridal Gowns

November 30, 2013

The Elizabeth Fillmore collection launched in 1999 as an extension of her evening line. Elizabeth Fillmore says she designs for the “Modern Romantic”, as she bases most of her designs on individuality and elegance. Elizabeth Fillmore states that her “designs are a beautiful balance of Sophistication, Femininity, and a touch of the “Bohemian”, there is an overall lightness to the designs coupled with the personal touch of hand done accents on each dress, the flowers, trim or twist of a drape, that keeps the collection so special”.  Most all of Elizabeth Fillmore’s gowns are made from silk, or French and Italian couture fabrics. Here are some of our favorites from Elizabeth’s Fall 2013- Spring 2014 collections.

ANASTASIAAnastasia- Fall 2013

CALISTACalista- Fall 2013

GYPSYGypsy- Fall 2013

ATHENAAthena- Spring 2013

BAROQUEBaroque- Spring 2013

ESTELLEEstelle- Spring 2013

THEAThea- Spring 2013

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