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Creative Guestbooks

July 23, 2013

These days couples can get really creative with their wedding guestbook. Out are the days of the traditional guestbook and in are some really unique ideas that will jazz up the night. One of my favorite ideas is the custom box guestbook where guests can fill out a card with their contact information and leave the couple a note or some advice. Two great things come out of this idea: you get contact information for all your guests plus you can use the cards to do your thank-you notes all in one place! Some other great ideas are the thumbprint guestbook,  custom puzzle guestbook or the Polaroid pictures with chalkboard messages. I even love the wishing tree idea, it’s great for décor and looks so elegant and classic. Check out all of the creative guestbook ideas below and tell us which one is your favorite!


Custom Card Box via Pinterest


Polaroid Pictures with Blackboard Messages via Pinterest


Mad Libs Guestbook via Pinterest


Custom Puzzle Guestbook via Pinterest


Thumbprint Guestbook via Pinterest


Wishing Tree Guestbook via Pinterest

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