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Tuxedo Looks For Your Guy

June 29, 2013

When we hear the word wedding, we automatically focus on the bride but the groom needs some love too! Here, we compiled some of the best tuxedo looks for your man. If your groom wants to make a statement, consider an all-ivory tux that pops. Romantic styles like this look absolutely debonair and are so eye-catching. Black suits with a pop of color in the tie and vest are on-trend and have that unfussy, casual look that some men love. What’s more, try a tailcoat style if you’re looking for a traditional feel or a slim fit for a more modern take. For something a little unique, put him in an all grey tuxedo that gives him swagger. This is definitely a “life-of-the-party” kind of style. Check out some of our favorite classic and timeless tuxedo selections for every kind of groom below.

french riviera one button tux timeless

 French Riviera One-Button Tuxedo

tail tuxedo, old english look

Old English Tailcoat Tuxedo

Style: "CK Formal 07 E1"

Classy Grey Tuxedo

statement tux, romantic and timeless

Statement Tuxedo in Ivory

modern tuxedo

Modern Style Tuxedo

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