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Save The Dates

June 22, 2013

Save the dates are an important part of the wedding planning process, as they are the first steps in letting your family and friends know the details of your special day. We suggest sending save the dates about 10 months to a year prior to your nuptials. You can be as creative, silly, or traditional as you like when planning the details of your save the dates, as long as you show your personal style as a new couple.  Get out there and get your juices flowing, and remember to have fun because you’re getting married!!

0b656d60158913b81b44c46166310ffeSave the Date: Via Pinterest

41eb29634c44ec5ae8e924796b66cf3a Save the Date: Via Pinterest

c122bb0421e8a9b46b0e85b5ed3e0958Save the Date: Via Pinterest

708e167a48290afddf55a5f1bf92a9ebSave the Date: Via Pinterest


Save the Date: Via Pinterest

786c861cf14c92fbc7ea2e6e908126ccSave the Date: HMS Photography

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