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Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

June 18, 2013

Having trouble coming up with an idea for a bachelorette party? These ideas are perfect for that weekend get away with the girls. If your bride to be is more of a beach goer, why not head over to a quite beach house and have an picnic on the beach with homemade popsicles and champagne. Maybe you have a bride to be who is more of a vacationer, why not take a weekend cruise or vacation in the NYC for some heavy duty shopping. Then finally there is always the more traditional spa weekend, which would be perfectly paired with some stress relieving group yoga. What ever your bride to be’s style is, these ideas are sure to make for one memorable party!

d063443013c113177a42f5509b26dffcParty Idea for the Beach Goer: Via Pinterest

c99bbba512e15efd63b353edac0919d4Party Idea for the Vacationer: Via Pinterest

cf3067dc85db83b5e1ac467747955684Party Idea for the Spa Lover: Via Pinterest

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