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Brides Night Out Vendor Spotlight: Luxe Glow

April 23, 2013

In 2001, Akiyo Ogura flipped through an art magazine and paused at a picture that would become the catalyst for a new passion. A henna design, with its bold and elegant statement, had bewitched her artist’s eye. With a background in fashion and textile design, this desire to learn the language of henna developed into what her designs speak today – a fresh interpretation of wearable art. Akiyo Henna Inc offers a beautiful, exotic, temporary body art in the traditions of India, Morocco, North Africa, and the Middle East with the twist of contemporary design. Through henna design, Akiyo strives to offer a celebration of the body, of the mind’s ability to create and of the soul’s desire for empowerment and self-acceptance – timelessness through art. Akiyo Henna Inc will be offering henna services at our Brides Night Out event.

Luxe Glow 2

luxe glow 3

Luxe Glow

See more of Luxe Glow’s work on their website.

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