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Hair Combs For Every Look!

January 25, 2013

These days there are so many options it’s hard to find the right headpiece to go with your wedding day look. Here, I have gathered hair combs in every size for every look to make it a little easier for all you brides. Whether you want a simple yet sweet look or go ultra glam, there’s something sparkly for everyone! Below are pictures of some of our gorgeous Swarovski crystal hair combs from MJ Bridal Salon. Each picture represents a certain wedding day look and there are different sizes and shapes for every look. Which one is your favorite?

Glam / Modern Elegance


From top left to right: 54445, 56194, 48649, 48674 and 56173

Vintage / Regal


From top left to right: 43774, 56248, 56346, 47362 and 56219

Art Deco / Geometric


From left to right: 54444, 44383, 54446, and 49001

Floral / Classic Romance


From left to top right: 56309, 45904, 48715, and 45908

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