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To Blusher or Not To Blusher

November 13, 2012

Today, many new brides wonder if they want or need a blusher for their wedding.  How do you really know if you want the “traditional blusher” or something more modern? It helps to have a basic knowledge of the blusher’s origins to give you perspective. The tradition of the blusher dates as far back as the Ancient Greeks and Romans. They believed that at the altar the bride was surrounded by evil spirits who would ruin the marriage, so they shrouded the bride from head to toe in color. They believed that the bright colors would ward off the spirits, and the marriage would be blissful. In other parts of the world the blusher was used in arranged marriages. The blusher was meant to hide the bride’s appearance  from the groom; once they were officially married the groom would lift the blusher to get a glimpse of his new bride.

The tradition of the blusher is also used religiously, specifically in the Jewish culture. This goes back to the biblical story of Jacob, Rachel, Leah, and Laban. Laban, the father of Rachel and Leah, switched the bride at the altar by heavily shrouding her to cover her appearance. Thus tricking Jacob into marrying Leah instead of his beloved Rachel.  Since then the Jewish ceremony of the Badekin, (veiling of the bride by the groom before the wedding) has ensured that this won’t happen again. It has now been said that the veiling of the bride signifies that the groom values her for more than her external beauty.

Many factors come into play when deciding what kind of blusher to wear, or if any at all. Take into account your wedding venue, whether it is a religious ceremony with specific requirements, your overall wedding day look: romantic, vintage, modern…etc., and your personal style. You have to feel confident and comfortable in the veil you choose. A bride might also want to consider the opinons of her family, friends, and bridal stylists as they might be able to give great insight based on experience.

Now in the modern age while the blusher is still a tradition for some cultures, we believe you can add a bit of fun to that tradition. There are so many shapes, styles and lengths ranging from the traditional lace mantilla to a crystal drop veil. So try on a few to see which style works for your look. While most brides opt for the traditional long blusher, like the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, some opt for no blusher at all.

When the question arises on your special day, To Blusher or Not To Blusher, which will you choose?

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