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Pearl Paradise

November 8, 2012

As Jackie Kennedy once said “Pearls are always appropriate”, and we agree with her! Pearls have always been a tradition when it comes to weddings, but why? It is said that pearls can date back to early foraging days, and have since been the oldest known gem to date. For centuries the pearl has been considered the most valuable of the stones, which is why they can be seen worn by many glamorous women such as Cleopatra, Coco Chanel, and decades of royals, including the Queen of England on her wedding day.

Below is a small taste of the fabulous pearl collections by Haute Bride, Elizabeth Bower, Renee Pawele, and Malis Henderson.

From Left to Right: Feather Lace Comb #57396, Hannah Accent Headband #54302, Matching Crystal & Pearl Earring #54304

Featured: Hannah Accent Headband #54302

From Left to Right: Primrose Comb #56870, Periwinkle Headband #56868

From Left to Right: Pearl Trim #57384, Pearl Cluster Comb #56310, Pearl Bracelet with Flower Clasp #56191

Featured: Pearl Trim #57384

From Left to Right: Grace Pearl Drop Earring #56867, Lily Crystal Comb #56866, M&J Twisted Pearl Headband #57347

Featured: Grace Pearl Drop Earring #56867

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