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Our Favorite Pieces From The Stephanie Browne Trunk Show

October 26, 2012

Hand-picked from the Stephanie Browne Trunk Show, here are our four favorite pieces. We love the variety Stephanie Browne is offering this season. These Swarovski crystal headpieces each portray a certain elegance to match your personality and style. They range from art deco to vintage floral patterns and come in various sizes. The best thing about these headpieces is that they work great with almost any hairstyle. With the trunk show going on till Sunday, use this opportunity to receive 10% off any of these stunning pieces.

Small Art Deco Nova Comb

Floral Sophia Headpiece w/ Pearls

Vintage Winter Garden Comb

Jasmine Pearl Band Comb

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  1. Carmem Lúcia Rigamonte Stinghel permalink
    April 2, 2013 11:54 PM

    Good evening, I wonder if you guys sell these parts? And if you guys send to Brazil and the value of each piece?
    Thank you,

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