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Various Saree Styles For Every Woman

July 19, 2012

Saree’s have been the traditional household wear for almost all of India for centuries now. The best things about saree’s is that it’s a one size fits all and the most versatile garment in the world, ranging from a 4-9ft long fabric with defined textures, borders and beading.  Saree’s have an ageless charm that fits any size, any occasion, any budget and moves with fashion. It can be worn to the temple, a cocktail party or your wedding. There are so many ways to rock a saree, you will never run out of ideas.  The most common styles are described below.

Here’s a fun sketch of some saree draping styles. From left to right: Devdas style, Maharani style (worn by royalty), North Pride drape, Indo western style, Western Gujrati style, Most common Northern style, Northern Bridal style, and the Mumtaz style (popularized by actress Mumtaz).

Gujarati/North Indian style- This style originated in the north. The decorative end of the sari (called the “pallu”) is draped over the right shoulder from back to front in pleats. One of the pleats is pulled across the midriff and pinned in the back. This style works great for women who are conscious of their midsection.

North Indian style with a twist … the pallu in this picture is worn on the left shoulder instead of the traditional right shoulder.

Dakshani / Nivi style – This is the most popular style of draping sarees in India. It was made famous by bollywood actresses.  The nivi style is the most flattering style because it gives the body a hourglass shape, hugging your curves in all the right places. Here, the pallu is draped over the left shoulder from front to back, basically reversing the Gujarati style.

The Nivi style – most flattering and most common saree drape.

Bengali/Devadas style- Originally from Bengal, but popularized by the film “Devadas” this drape is done with two large pleats in front and the pallu wrapped twice around the top. Traditionally the pallu end was weighed down with a house key – usually of the heavy skeleton variety. Nowadays, however, there are many variations to this style. What’s more, it has less folds and tucks that matter and it all crushes down as you go about your day so you don’t really look as balloon-like as you may think you do.

Famous actress Aishwaryara Rai in Devdas style saree

These three main styles can be modified in so many different ways and styles, that there’s no way to account for all of them. It’s all about how you wear the saree because it portrays your beauty and personality. Below are pictures of these main draping styles and other styles on famous women around the world. In my opinion, every woman should wear a saree at least once, not because I’m biased towards them, but because I can almost guarantee you will feel and look exceptional. Plus you’ll have so much fun choosing the perfect draping style to flatter your figure!!!

Victoria Beckham looking breathtaking a red and gold bridal saree for Vogue Magazine

Modified indo western style, perfect for parties.

Gisele Bundchen looking gorgeous in a dakshini-style green saree. But then again, she always looks gorgeous.

The pussycat dolls in variations of a black/gold saree. It’s nice to see that the saree has inspired woman everywhere. Especially because they all look breathtaking!

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  1. July 19, 2012 8:39 PM

    Beautiful blog…..I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When a crochet wedding dress ?

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    Beautiful collection..i love this traditional outfit..thanks. Bridal Sarees

  3. October 17, 2012 11:18 AM

    The pink and the red saree were great and nice……

  4. Ruhani permalink
    April 9, 2013 11:00 AM

    Really nice blog….Awesome collection….especially that aishwarya rai saree…..

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    nice collection

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    I love the twist given to the black saree, its looks elegant.

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    Great blog with wonderful collections.

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    Awesome saree blog.

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    Great stuff about sarees.
    It always be a great experience on buying party wear sarees online because first of all you can get all info regards to the sarees and tips about what will be the suitable accessories with various types of sarees.
    Nice post.
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    Your Blog is very nice it was very helpful for knowing about women sare e .I am very thankful for great sharing

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    Good Collection……….

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    nice designer sarees with latest patterns

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    January 3, 2015 6:33 AM

    Attractive women sarees collection with Various Sarees Styles is nice images and good looking for all Indian culture traditional sarees. so thanks for sharing this Information!

  17. April 29, 2015 6:17 AM

    Wow.. amazing saree styles. I love the traditional silk sarees. Recently, I have buy one Art silk sarees online, which I will try to wear in different styles.

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    Awesome Saree Collection with Different draping style.Thank you

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