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The Perfect Tux

July 1, 2011

With so much talk about bridal, we just couldn’t forget the groom. What style will your groom be wearing? There are many styles to choose and luckily for your groom they are all great picks. One way to go is a classic single button tuxedo with a bow tie or something more contemporary, a vest and a tie. But did you know the time of day also dictates which type of tuxedo is appropriate. For instance you would not wear a white dinner jacket to an afternoon affair. Here are some tips to help you and your groom pick a style.

Single breasted tuxedo is the most classic it can go up to 4 buttons. The two buttons is better for a shorter groom to create a long lean look, while the 4 button is for a taller groom.

Tails or Tailcoat is cropped in the front and two tails in the back and is for a very formal evening wedding.

Morning Coat is short in the front and long in the back. They are worn with striped trousers.

Double Breasted can be worn with 2 or 4 buttons, again keeping the height of the groom in consideration.

Lapel peaks can be notched, shawl or peaked

Now for the Accessories, here is where the groom or groomsmen can really show off their style. Here are two great examples, vests and cufflinks.  A groom can pick from a colored vest or cummerbund. Cuff links are like earrings for guys, they choose something fun like the emblem of their favorite team.  Here are some pictures for inspiration.

Calvin Klein Tux

A classic tuxedo

Updated classic tuxedo from Indochino

The taste maker tuxedo from Indochino

Tom Cruise very handsome with a black tie

Tux and vest from Bill Blass from Men’s Wearhouse

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