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An Interview with Sugar Flower Cake Shop

January 18, 2011

I would like to introduce Amy from Sugar Flower Cake Shop. I had the pleasure of working with her on a recent wedding. Amy recreated the brides flower belt on the cake, it was beautiful.  Her cakes are not only works of art but they taste delicious, a little slice of heaven. I hope you enjoy meeting Amy.

Sugar Flower Cake Shop owner Amy DeGiulio runs her New York City cake boutique with one goal: to create masterpiece cakes for weddings and other occasions by using fresh, high-quality products from local farms and New York City’s Greenmarkets. Inspired by her original location in the bountiful Hudson Valley, Amy continues to use locally sourced ingredients. Her cakes, with artistically designed flowers she custom-makes from sugar, have been featured on the STYLE Network and in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine.

How far in advance should a wedding cake be ordered?

Because we deal with local and sustainable ingredients at Sugar Flower Cake Shop, some couples choose to come in a year ahead of time so they can taste exact flavor combinations at the height of their seasons.  With all of the other wedding decisions that need to be made, most couples schedule a tasting about four to six months prior to their wedding dates.  This allows enough time for the cake design process to develop as the various other elements of the wedding are coming together.

What flavor combinations work best?

While there are pairings that are just known to work, such as pomegranate mousseline with almond cake covered by my NYC rooftop honey butter cream, couples should opt for flavors and combinations that they like.  It is acceptable to serve a chocolate cake with sea salted caramel filing covered in a peanut butter creme, even if you think some guests might find it odd.  (Though if Sugar Flower Cake Shop made it, you’ll be surprised at how little cake is left over!)  The best thing to do is to schedule a tasting to try a variety of options that can be mixed and matched!

How should a couple choose their designer?

Couples should begin with recommendations and online research to find a baker with a design aesthetic who matches their style and is competent to create that kind of cake.  A bride could fall in love with a cake covered in sugar flowers, but the baker doesn’t know how to create these labor-intensive designs.  Also, a couple shouldn’t hire a baker who only concentrates on how a cake looks.  Recommendations and reading reviews will help a couple get to know the designer a little bit more personally.

How should couples prepare for the cake tasting?

Prior to sitting down with a cake designer, it is usually a good idea for couples to have spent at least a little bit of time thinking about the look of their cake, pulling together pictures of cakes from online galleries combined with some of the wedding details that could be incorporated into the design.

In looking at photos online, remember that it is not necessary to like all the elements of a particular cake design in a photograph, but be able to speak to what specifically you like about it.  Is it the delicateness of the piping, the color of the sugar flowers or the intricacy of the design?

When thinking about the wedding details, think about motif or color. Perhaps there is a particular element that is woven throughout the event from the invitation through an accent on the bridesmaid’s dresses all the way to the linens.  Couple should be able to describe, or better yet show pictures, to the designer of the things that are important and reflective of their style.  This will help her get a sense of the couple and can more accurately translate ideas into reality.

What inspires your designs?

Luckily, inspiration comes in many forms!  The challenge is what to do with it.  Too many times, I have seen cake designs become bogged down with an abundance of elements.  I opt for a refinement when approaching each cake, remembering that less is sometimes more as it is the case in fashion, floral design, nature and art – my most common influences.  I have spent hours in M&J Trimming looking at details of ribbons and trims that ultimately get re-envisioned in sugar and incorporated into my designs.  I feel fortunately to be in NYC where there is an endless supply of nuance and detail.

For more information on Sugar Flower Cake Shop please call 917/639-3901 or email You can also visit their website at, like them on Facebook at or tweet on Twitter @SugarFlowerShop.  There’s also a new cake blog:

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