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We’ve been featured!

January 7, 2011

We’ve been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine Winter 2011. M&J Ribbon was used in ‘Four Ways To Work Bows” as napkin rings. Which is a simple embellishment but goes a long way and can tie a wedding together perfectly.

Ribbon Used:

70mm Midori Double Face Satin Ribbon Item# 37309

In Colors: Tea Rose, Rasberry Chiffon, Velerian


Tips on Tying the Perfect Bow


  1. Make a loop with the ribbon and hold the loop between your thumb and index finger, with the ribbon end at the back several inches longer than the front end. Use your opposite hand to pick up the long end and wrap it around the loop to begin the knot.
  2. With your index finger of the same hand, push a loop through the knot in front of the thumb holding the first loop.
  3. Pull the back of the loops with your thumbs and index fingers to tighten the knot
  4. Cut the ribbon ends to equal lengths.


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