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DIY: A Bridal Sash for Your Special Day!

October 11, 2010
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By Julissa 

A bride’s wedding day is very important. She wants to look glamorous and wants to stand out. A brides wedding dress always needs to be unique and memorable.  You can definitely make a sash to put on your dress and make it your own. You can make your sash using our buttons…you can use any button from plastic to metal. It easy and affordable. Here is a sash made out of metal buttons.

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  • Take the satin ribbon and lay it flat apply glue on the edges. Take the lace ribbon and put it on top of the satin ribbon.
  • Make a mark on the ribbon, so you can place the button in the middle. With the pliers, you are going to cut all the shanks off the buttons. Take the bigger round button and glue it directly in the middle, but towards the top of the ribbon. Take the smaller round button and glue somewhat on top of the bigger button (glue it more on the ribbon). Glue a small rhinestone in the middle of the smaller round metal button. Take the square metal button and glue it in between the round ones. Glue it on so that the square button looks more like a diamond. Take a rhinestone and apply it on the top corner of the square button. Take the other round metal button and glue it right under the square metal button (partially glue it on the square button). Then take the small pearl on to the button.
  • Take the small rhinestones and glue them to the side of the ribbon. Glue four rhinestones on one side and four on the other. Glue them so each side is equal.
  • You can either sew the sash on to your dress or you can make it removable by sewing on hook and eye closures to the back.
For More information on the Veil please contact our Bridal Specialist
Laurie Our Bridal
P: 212-704-8017
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