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Interview with Bridal Stylist Stacey Seabrook of S2Stylists

June 7, 2010

By Bethany

Stacey Seabrook of S2Stylists and M&J’s Bridal Specialist Bethany Cirino

Are you worried about all of the possible mishaps that could occur on your wedding day?  Do you want to shop for your wedding attire in New York City, but have no idea where to start looking?  There is no need to worry!  There are professional bridal stylists who can be hired to accompany you on your wedding day and also be your personal shopper.  Bridal stylists specialize in making sure you look amazing before, during, and after the wedding day.

They will help you get ready and take care of all the little mishaps that might occur.  They come prepared with a bridal emergency kit for unexpected potential disasters.  Stain remover, sewing kit, etc.  If you need assistance shopping for your gown or other wedding related attire, they can help with that too!  They will bring you to carefully selected bridal salons to help you choose your dream dress.  They could even extend this service and assist you with choosing the bridesmaids gowns, honeymoon attire, and reception dress.

We interviewed bridal stylist, Stacey Seabrook, to find out exactly what services are out there.  We also got her option on current trends, her favorite celebrity bride, and her bridal styling inspiration.

How did you get started in this business?

I got started in the bridal business as an assistant designer/fit model for an up and coming bridal designer (at the time).  I continued my career in whole, as a representative, retail sales as a consultant, I designed a gown collection and now I style weddings and bridal photo shoots.

What is your business about?

My business, S2Stylists is a company that styles brides “on the day of” the wedding.  These services are also extended to the bridal party, including the groom.  We also consult the bride on her gown selection.  S2 also works on magazine editorials for bridal fashion and beauty campaigns for hair and makeup stylists.

Where do you get bridal inspiration?

Bridal inspiration for styling comes from several sources.  When styling a bride for her wedding, inspiration comes from the bride, and what makes her excited.  I tap into her dreams for the special day and I interpret that in her in rendering the perfect look for her day. Otherwise, I am inspired by fashion icons such as the classic elegance of Carolina Herrera, the romance of Oscar de la Renta, and the softness and sensuality of flute music.  I am also fond of designer Rachel Roy’s fashion sense.  She’s got a slight edge which is fun and modern, but very stylish.  I love Halle Berry and Heidi Klum.  I am excited by beauty in all forms-a beautiful beach, a child, and old photographs…I could go on and on.

Who is your favorite celebrity/famous bride?

My favorite celebrity bride is Cindy Crawford.  It was a close decision to Carolyn Bisset Kennedy.  What they both have in common is their non-traditional flair.  Both weddings had to do with their individual style.  Cindy’s dress was simple, short, and easy to wear, but also lovely.  Clearly, it was about them as a couple, laid back, down-to-earth and romantic.  I love it!

What have you found to be the main concern for brides regarding their look/attire on their wedding day?

The main concern for brides has been making sure that their gowns fit them properly the day of the wedding and that the gown is correctly bustled.  Someone needs to be there to make sure that’s accomplished.  Bridesmaids and mothers are busy with their own gowns and cannot give the bride the attention that she needs, hence, the inception of S2Stylists.

What is your most memorable experience when working with brides?

The most memorable experiences I have had working with brides, is having become really good friends.  I meet lots of people who share the same sensibilities and at times friendships blossom.  But one other memorable moment at a wedding has been when I had to tie a bow tie for a nervous groom.  He didn’t want to talk to any of his groomsmen and requested me for help and calming factor before his walk down the aisle.  We often forget the men experience a little angst as well.  He was grateful for the time I spent with him and couldn’t thank me enough for being there for him.

What advice would you give a bride-to-be regarding what accessories to choose?

I would advise brides to choose accessories that can be worn after the wedding is over (in terms of jewelry).  Good jewelry is an investment.  So, if she can not borrow something from either side of the family that would be nice and sentimental, invest in good pieces for her own collection.  I think she should wear something in her hair, whether it’s a veil, flowers, or a sparkling comb, something to distinguish her further from her guests.

What trends have you noticed recently for accessories?

Recent trends have been the bird cage veils and black lariat necklaces for open back gowns.

What accessory trend is out of style?

I don’t think any trend is out of style if the bride wants and loves a certain look.  I would love to see a resurgence of gloves for weddings.  Its so glam and proper; I love it!

What do you consider to be a classic bridal look?

A classic bridal look (that I love) is the fitted lace gown with a chapel length veil and fabulous Manolo Blahnik shoes.  The bride can’t go wrong with this look.  Every designer has a lace gown in their collection.  Timeless!

What are some do’s and don’ts for the wedding day?

A bride should have a spa morning on the day of the wedding.  She needs to relax, eat, and start her day of pampering with a treat.  The bride should not be handling last minute planning details.  She should delegate that chore to a family member or her planner.  The bride should be calm and enjoy every moment of her day with a little stress as possible, because the day slips by quickly.

What is the most unusual thing that has happened on someone’s wedding day?

The most interesting thing that I can recall at a wedding is when a mother of the groom played a prank on the mother of the bride.  The brides mother was a straight-laced conservative woman.  The groom’s mother dressed up as a traditionally dressed Muslim woman, begging for food.  It was quite comical.

What is your favorite accessory from our bridal salon?

I love the hat with feathers, tulle, and a vintage brooch detail!  It is very couture and unique.


Stacey Seabrook



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