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Veil Styles and Shopping tips

April 27, 2010

By Bethany

There are endless veil styles to choose from.  Designers keep coming up with new and interesting ways to wear tulle and netting.  Here are a few veil styles and shopping tips for brides-to-be!

M&J Bridal Cage Veil~Photography By

Bird Cage: The birdcage veil is chic and sophisticated.  This style is flattering on most face shapes and looks best with a fitted gown silhouette.

Cathedral: Cathedral veils are dramatic and ideal for large venues.  This style works with almost any gown.

M&J Bridal Mantilla Veil~Photography By

Mantilla: Mantilla veils have a traditional romantic look.  These are more difficult to match, because they are typically trimmed with lace.

Bubble Veil by Sara Gabriel

Bubble:  Fun and feminine.  This is a full veil with extra pouf at the comb and usually has raw edges.  Make sure to keep your look balanced by wearing this veil with a dress that has fullness in the right places.

M&J Bridal Butterfly Cut Veil~Photography By

Butterfly:  Butterfly cut veils are unique and add softness and drama at the same time!  They look best with simpler styles.  What is differnt about this veil style, is that it appears short from the front, but cascades down into a long veil in the back.  It’s the best of both worlds!

Here are a few tips and ticks when veil shopping:

1.  Research veil trends and keep clip outs of styles you like.  Going into a veil and accessory salon can be overwhelming unless you’ve done some research.

2.  Schedule a hair trial so that you have an idea of where you would like the veil and/or headpieces to be placed.  This is key information for when you decide on a veil length.

3. Bring a fabric swatch of the gown.  There are many variations of whites and ivories and it is very difficult to pick the correct veil shade.  It can be tricky, because if the veil is too dark compared to the gown it could look dirty.  If it is lighter than the dress, it will stand out too much.

4.  Have a photo of the gown and its details to refer to.

5.  Come to the salon with your hair and makeup done so that you feel good and are able to picture yourself on the wedding day.

6.  Wearing a white shirt or just lighter clothing, can make it easier to imagine what the veils will look like with the gown.

7.  Bring a camera, so that you can remember the styles you liked and the one’s you couldn’t see yourself in.

8.  Have extra bobbie pins and a small hand mirror, just in case the salon doesn’t have these helpful supplies.

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