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Bridal Events Recap

April 20, 2010

By Bethany

Nine Cakes

This month has been full of fun and interesting bridal events!  I had the opportunity to attend “The Wedding Salon” and “New York Weddings Event”.  Both were packed with eager brides searching for great ideas for everything wedding related.

Gown by Gilles Montezin Bridal

I was particularly intrigued by Gilles Montezin Bridal Gowns, Gold Coast Ice Cream Truck Company, and Alton Lane Suits at the New York Weddings Magazine Event.

Giles Montezin’s gowns were different from the typical heavily beaded or lace gowns I’m used to seeing.  They have a modern look, but a romantic feel.  The Gold Coast Ice Cream Truck is such a cool idea!  My guests would freak out if an old-school ice cream truck showed up at my reception and gave them all kinds of frozen goodies!  The truck driver even dresses like they did back in the day.  What I liked about Alton Lane suits, was how every detail could be personalized by having different fabric and pattern options.  You’re husband-to-be and his groomsmen can make an event out of the suit shopping.  They can relax and have cocktails while they take turns stepping into the black box that digitally scans their bodies to get exact their measurements.

Gold Coast Ice Cream Truck Company

Suit By Alton Lane

A few more photos from the New York Weddings Event…

Samantha Fortune of Bridal Reflections

The Wedding Salon had some very memorable moments as well!  As soon as you walked into this event there were live musicians, live mannequins, and over-the-top floral displays!

Ten31 Productions


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