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Bridal Wedding Day Hairstyle

March 12, 2010

By Dara

Brides have been slowly walking away from traditional white wedding gowns and princess style headpieces.  The same goes for wedding hairstyles.  About a decade ago, a majority of brides had undo for her special day.  Ten years later, Brides are stepping over the boundary and becoming a little more creative.  A Bride’s wedding hairstyle now depends on the shape of her face and headpiece. 

If you can’t decide which hairstyle to go with, having your hair down and curled is the safest way to go.  I recommend you playing around with your hair and taking pictures of yourself to see what you think looks best.  Sometimes, what you see in person is not what you get in pictures.  Typically a Bride with a round face looks best with her hair down.  It gives a slimmer appearance. 

It is still okay to have a updo hairstyle if that is your preference, but compared to ten years ago, brides shouldn’t pull her hair back too tight.  Loosen the buns and add soft accessories like silk flowers or even a flower bird-cage veil. 

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