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Bachelorette Party Ideas

March 12, 2010

By Bethany

Bachelorette parties are a great way to get together with all of your girlfriends and let loose before your big day.  Here are some different bachelorette celebration ideas.

Wine Trains/Tours: Picture you and your girlfriends taking a tour through beautiful vineyards, learning about different wines and then pairing those wines with great foods at a relaxing lunch.  Wine trains are ideal for large groups, but they usually offer bus or limo tours throughout wine country as well.

Dinner and Dancing: Having a tasty dinner to catch up with friends followed by dancing the night away, is the perfect combination to make sure everyone enjoys themselves.

Spa Day: You can’t go wrong with a relaxing day of pampering at a spa.  This type of bachelorette party is perfect if you have a wide range of ages in your group.  It also gets your bridal party beautifully polished for the wedding day.

Club Crawl: Change things up with a club crawl instead of a pub crawl.  Map out places you definitely want to make an appearance at, and then see where the night takes you!  You and your entourage will steal the spotlight and you’ll feel like VIP’s all night.

X-Rated: This classic bacheloette party is always entertaining.  It’s fun to see everyone let loose.  You can’t go wrong with cocktails and strippers, unless your grandma and young niece expect to be invited…

Racetrack: The racetrack is always fun and exciting!  Get the girls together; dress up (think ladies who lunch attire), put on those big hats, and let the fun begin.  Hey, who knows, maybe someone will win some big money!

Country Bar-Bull Riding: Is the bride-to-be a country girl?  Stick to her roots and hit up a country bar.  Make sure they have a maniac bull so everyone can show off their riding skills, or lack there of.

Psychic Readings: Hire a physic to attend your party.  They can give tarot cards readings, palm readings, and give you and your girls a glimpse into the future.  Make cosmic cosmoplitains, play Ouija board, and decorate with constellations!

Destination Bachelorette Party: Taking a trip always put people in a great mood.  Here are a few great places to celebrate:

  • Miami
  • NYC
  • Mexico
  • Vegas
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  1. May 17, 2010 11:13 PM

    LOVE the idea of a wine tour!

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