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Wedding Scrapbook

November 27, 2009

By Blerona

Your wedding is probably going to be the best day of your life. And when it’s over your photos are all you have to keep the memory of your beautiful wedding day alive. They tell the story of your pre-wedding jitters and preparation to the cake cutting and sometimes even the honeymoon. Instead of keeping all those memories in a box, why not make a scrapbook out of it.

Here are some easy steps to make it more enjoyable

  • Remember to keep mementos from the wedding such as invitations, party favors, confetti, champagne corks and other incredible embellishments.
  • Instead of getting guests to sign in the traditional guest book, get them to write on cards about a favorite memory, kindly marital advice or congratulatory messages. Then all these handwritten cards will go into a scrapbook together with the photos.
  • Write down lines of a special poem or song on different pages of your scrapbook.
  • Get second copies of photos from other people, especially if their shots are better than yours. What ever you choose make sure you absolutely love the photo.
  • Lay out the pages in chronological order, you can add pictures from your first date, first kiss, first vacation, then engagement, showers, wedding and honeymoon.

Tip: For a more creative look. Use materials such satin, grosgrain, and lace ribbons, rhinestones, sew-on jewels, buttons, beads, sequins, glass sequinscords, tasselsappilques, nailheads and/or paillettes. Anything you can think of and you can pick up these supplies in one stop at  M&J Trimming.

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