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Dresses for the Bridesmaids

November 5, 2009

By Blerona

Wedding Entourage: The Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids, your favorite girls!  There to help you enjoy your wonderful day of love, joy…and all the stressful planning in between. The best way to show your appreciation and gratitude to them is by getting the perfect bridesmaid dress. When picking out their dresses, don’t do the cliché look and pick something over the top. You don’t want them regretting there decision of accepting. Of course being the bride you want to be the prettiest person at your wedding. But your bridesmaids also represent the wedding ceremony; the wrong dress can change the theme of your wedding entirely. When picking out the dress keep in mind: clean, classy, and elegant. You want your bridesmaids to look stylish and striking, but still have that innocent look.




When choosing the dresses, try and go for something simple and clean. Don’t go over the top, try not to make them look ridiculous in a very loud dress, nothing with too much beadwork or colors. Look for a deep solid color for a romantic effect. Don’t go for white, ivory, peach, or anything close to white. Also the Silhouette should be A-line, princess or sheath; try not to get anything puffy, no ball gowns. 

look two




Tips:  For a dramatic effect try adding some loose Swarovski crystals or a ribbon around the waist or a beaded appliqué on the dress. If you don’t want to play up the dress, your bridesmaids can wear a custom made Swarovski rhinestone, feathered or ribbon headpiece. Each Bridesmaid can make her own unique headpiece and add their personality to the outfit. For Supplies visit M&J Trimming.

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