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Beautiful Handbags for Your Big Day

October 8, 2009
By Bethany

beaded clutch


Choosing the right handbag for your big day should be one of the easiest decisions you will have to make regarding your wedding ensemble.  This is because you only use it for carrying the essential items that you might need throughout the event.  It is not necessary to have one, but you will want somewhere to keep important items such as your lipstick, cell phone, mints, etc.  Your bag does not have to be the same color or fabric as your gown.  Choose something you will actually use again.  Keep the fabric and details rich to be formal enough to work with your gown.  Silk satins, dramatic beading, or lace are great options.  A clutch or wristlet are the best styles.  You will not want to have an over the shoulder style since it will distract from your gown.  Have fun picking out a handbag for your special day!

somethingblue clutch

 Nina Renee Designs



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