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Wedding Do’s and Don’ts

September 1, 2009

By Bethany


Do send out save-the-dates.  If it is important to you to have your friends and families attend the wedding, then make sure you give them plenty of time to get the day off and make arrangements for travel if necessary.

Do splurge on what is important to you and don’t spend on things that no one will remember.  Flowers, favors, and décor are easy to cut back on.  You can create your own flower displays inexpensively and do you really need silk chair covers????  What people will remember is how beautiful the bride looked, how delicious the food was, and the music.  Oh yeah!  And how much fun they had.

Do start your planning a year in advance.   If you have your hearts set on a certain venue, or place of worship then you have to book it early to make sure your date is available.  The same rule goes for getting your band, photographer, and designer wedding gown.  These things book up fast or take time to make, so check these items off your to-do list as soon as possible.


Don’t drink too much.  Stay as sober as possible, because this is a day you will actually want to remember.  You also do not want the talk of the wedding to be about how sloshed you got.  Just take a few sips throughout the day as you participate in toasts and celebrating and try to make time to eat.

Don’t schedule the wedding on a holiday or when other significant events take place, like the super bowl.  You want your guests to be able to attend and not be wishing they were somewhere else.  Holiday weekends may seem like a good time to have the wedding since most people will have the time off. The reality is that your guests likely have already planned out what they will be doing for their precious days off.  Make the day your own, and pick a different date.

Don’t have you and your bridesmaids look too “matchy matchy”.  Coordinating is the way to go.  Your shoes do not have to match the color of your gown.  Matching earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are a big don’t.  Everyone wants to be an individual.  So making your bridesmaids wear the same shoes, have the same hair style, and the same exact dress is a no no.  You still want everything to flow together.  Color is the ideal way to achieve this.  Have your bouquet incorporate the colors that your bridesmaids will be wearing or have your shoes be the same style, but a different color from what your girls are wearing.  Having your bridesmaids wear matching dresses is also a don’t.  Pick a color palette and dress length and like them decide the style of dress to wear.  This way they can pick out a dress that they feel comfortable in and that they could actually wear again!

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