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Bridal Jewelry

August 27, 2009

By Bethany

When it comes to bridal jewelry some pieces never go out of style, while others are clearly dated.  Make sure to choose wisely each item you are wearing and don’t over do it.  Less is more when it comes to jewelry on your wedding day.   You want everyone to see your entire look as a whole and how beautiful you look overall.  What you do not want, is your giant earrings or the bangles you’ve pilled on to be the center of attention.  Generally, if you are wearing a necklace then your earrings should be studs or a small drop at the most.  The same idea applies for if you are wearing substantial earrings.  Avoid wearing a necklace at all or if you feel you have to, then a delicate solitaire would be best.  Wear a bracelet on the opposite wrist as the hand you have your rings on to create a balance.  If you choose bangles, then you should not wear more than three.  If your gown is strapless or has an interesting neckline then wearing a necklace will be distracting.  Show off your gorgeous collar bone or sexy shoulders.  The biggest trends for 2010 are statement pieces, vintage looks, gold, and touches of color. 

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