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Custom Birdcage Veils

August 21, 2009

By Bethany

Cage veils are coming back in a big way.  There are a variety of different shapes and ways to wear these chic headpieces.  This type of veil is meant to showcase the bride’s personal style.  Cage veils can have a fun and flirty feel or a sophisticated look, depending on how it is worn and what you embellish it with.  This type of veil looks great with short dresses and gowns that are more on the fitted side.  It is all about how you position this type of veil that makes it look really good.  With a traditional veil you simply place it on the top or back of the head.  A cage veil needs more pinning and adjusting by your hairstylist.  When embellishing the piece you can choose to have something attached or leave it separate, just in case you decide to remove the veil at some point during the night.  This way you will still have something beautiful in your hair.  Some brides choose to wear a traditional veil during the ceremony and then change into a cage veil for a new look to enjoy the reception.  Cage veils are fabulous for all types of events.  City hall weddings, garden weddings, and even rehearsal dinners are perfect times to show off this throw-back style that is making a fashion comeback! 

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