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It’s All About The Shoes!

August 11, 2009

By Bethany

Doesn’t the thought of spending money on a pair of shoes you will NEVER wear again just hurt?  Well, don’t buy those generic white or ivory satin shoes!  Opt for a shoe you love.  Wearing colored shoes gives you the opportunity to show your personal style.  If you want to keep your look classic and elegant, soft colors work best.  Go for a blush, champagne, or light gold.  These colors are also great with short gowns, because they will make your legs appear longer.  If you are more daring and want something that will stand out, then look for jewel tones like fuchsia, purple, or tangerine orange.  Not only are these colors hot this season, but they have a rich and vibrant feel.  As you walk down the isle your guests will only see a slight peek of color under your dress.  If you need something blue to wear then this is a great excuse to wear beautiful blue shoes!  Have fun shoe shopping for your wedding day and just remember there are no rules anymore!

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