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For the Bridesmaids

July 17, 2009


Hey ladies, you have your dress bought and you even survived the Bridal Shower, but you still have work to do!  Did you plan that Bachelorette party yet?!  What kind of girl is your bride?  Does she like spas, nature, sports, or maybe partying? 


Forgo the strippers, try something she will be able to remember with a smile on her face (and not an embarrassed one).  What about a relaxing day at the spa, pamper her and yourselves!  There are many great spas that offer packages for brides and their parties, give one a call and see what they have to offer.  You can visit a website like to find a location near you.  You can also give her a gift basket filled with bath salts, eye mask, and lotions.  Be sure to decorate the basket with ribbons for the finishing touch. 

So, the spa isn’t her thing?  Does she like sports?  Why not go out for a fun lunch, just the gals.  Then head to the ball park to watch your favorite team.  Maybe you can surprise her by having them announce the Bride and her party (usually an extra cost, but very cool).  You can use rhinestones to accent a ‘Jersey’ with “Bride’s Team” on the front and Bride, Maid of Honor, or Bridesmaid on the back with her wedding day as the number. 


Hmmm, not into sports huh?  How about a tea party?  Not the tea party you had as a little girl with Teddy and Raggedy Anne as your guests, but a grown up version.  Some cities have tea houses or have restaurants that offer a tea service.  I know in NYC there is a cute little spot called Alice’s Tea Cup.  I took my best friend there and we fell in love with it’s décor and the food.  Why not dress up in fun hats decorated with flowers from M&J, make invites using silk ribbon and rhinestones, and have a tea party together.

What ever you decide to do for the party, I’m sure it will be fun and memorable.  Be sure to stop by M&J’s Store or Website for inspiration for the party, or those little bits of ‘bling’ to make it even more special.

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