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Let Them Eat Cake!

June 23, 2009

By Kristin


Did you already pick out your cake and it’s layers upon layers of delicious flavors?  Maybe you want an alternative to the classic multi-tier cake.  Many couples now are skipping cake for other tasty treats!  What about a Krispy Kreme Cake?  Or maybe a tower of delicate Croquembouche (Choux pastry filled with cream – YUM!) covered in a fine netting of spun sugar.  Not a pastry person, what about a gorgeous display of fruit carved into flowers and birds, your cake slice could be ‘red velvet’ watermelon or ‘vanilla’ pineapple.  Maybe grandma has pie recipes that she keeps under lock and key, see if she’ll be willing share them with you for your special day.   Which ever option you choose, just don’t save some in the freezer for a year… it never tastes quite the same. 


Ancient Romans didn’t even have the typical wedding cake we think of today, they used a loaf of wheat bread.  Wheat symbolized fertility and the bread was often broken over the heads of the newly wed couple for health and prosperity.  Crumbs that then fell to floor were scooped up by single women in hopes that they too would be wed soon.  Our sweet cakes we know today didn’t really start appearing until the 1700’s.


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