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DIY Bridesmaid Gift

June 18, 2009

By Dara


Are you looking for some gift ideas for your bridesmaids as a way to say, “Thank you”?  “Thank you” gifts don’t always have to be expensive and extravagant.  You could try hand making a gift instead.  I think a handmade gift is always more special because the receiver knows you had them in mind when you made it.  Anyone can take their credit card out and buy something at the mall, but a handmade gift is only as many as you make. 

 So here’s a tutorial that you can use to make a braided Swarovski bracelet.  It’s really easy and your bridesmaid can wear it any where and any time of the day.



  •  Two strands of leather braided cord (Style # 00503).  I have a small wrist, so my strands measured 7 inches each.  You’ll have to measure your wrist and add an extra inch,
  • One pair of interlock buckles (Style # 40812)
  • 8 pieces of Swarovski sew-on
  • Leather needle
  • Matching thread
  • Unique stitch glue


  1. Take the two strands of leather and lay them on top of each other.  On both ends, either glue them together or stitch them using the needle. 
  2. Let the glue dry if you chose to use glue.
  3. Taking one end of the braid that’s already stuck together, insert half an inch into the straight end of the buckle. 
  4. Fold the braid down and stitch it in place.  Repeat this step on the other end of the braid.
  5. Now is the fun part.  Start stitching your sew-ons onto the desired area. 
  6. You’re all done.  Now box and wrap it. 

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