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Beautiful Sashes for You and Your Bridesmaids

June 4, 2009

By Bethany

Many brides will find a gown that they love, but the coordinating accessories that go with it cost more than they want to spend.  When it comes to selecting your bridesmaids’ gowns the same problem arises.   There is a solution!  Create your own decorative sashes or belts.  You can attempt to recreate one that you saw or come up with your own design.   

First you should choose your ribbonSatin and organza ribbons are typically the best options for matching your bridal gown.  Then decide what you would like on the sash.  There are countless options.  Adding a flower, crystals, lace, beading, or even rhinestone trim are just a few ways to make your piece one of a kind.  If your sash will have a bow with the ends showing, then you might want to finish the edge with unique rhinestone applications or other details.  Having your bridesmaids sashes coordinate with yours by incorporating a small detail similar to what you will be wearing, keeps the bridal parties look fluid and memorable.  For example, if your sash has flowers, your girls could have a smaller colored version.  The best thing about creating your own sashes or belts is that they can be worn again!  Your bridesmaids will appreciate their new and special accessory.

So stay within budget by creating your own beautiful sashes and belts!

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  1. Ann permalink
    June 24, 2009 10:09 PM

    I got an amazing sash from Twisted Crystals. Its almost just like this one, but she customized it for me!

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