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Wedding Favors

April 14, 2009


Have you started planning what you’re going to do about the wedding favors?   If you haven’t, I have a few little suggestions.  Wedding favors are the easiest and less expensive way to go.  You can fill them up with candy if you like. 

There’s another cute idea, I like.  Put some tissue inside and place two magnets inside the box.  Why the magnets, you ask?  Well, I think it’s a great symbol of love and commitment.  They just easily come together and no matter how many times you try to take them apart, they always find their way back to each other. 

Filling up the boxes is the easy part.  If you want a Tiffany’s style box, you can buy plain white boxes and wrap them with blue gift wrapper.  Then wrap a white silk satin ribbon around it.  Don’t forget the pretty bow on the top. 

No matter how you tie a bow with the ribbon, they’ll always give the favors a great finish.  If you don’t want to tie a bow, you can wrap the box with the ribbon and then add a cute appliqué on top.   Good luck and happy planning. 

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